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Cantina di Venosa

Vignali Red Sparkling Wine - Cantina di Venosa

Vignali Red Sparkling Wine - Cantina di Venosa

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Grape variety : Aglianico 100%.

Type of vineyard cultivation and average density per hectare: Espalier with approximately 3,500 plants.

Age of the vineyards: 10 – 25 years

Production per Ha: 7-10 Tons

Altitude of the vineyards: 450 – 550 meters

Production area: North-eastern part of the Province of Potenza delimited by the production specifications of the DOC Aglianico del Vulture which includes the territory of n. 15 municipalities in particular in the municipalities of Venosa Citta di Orazio.

Harvest period: From 15th to 25th October.

Harvest method: Hand harvesting of the grapes in 12 – 15 kg crates in the early hours of the morning and immediate transport of the same to the cellar.

Production technique: Crushing and destemming of the grapes, transfer of the crushed grapes into small fermenters and short skin maceration with inoculation of enzymes and selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 22° C. Then separation of the must from the skins and seeds, filtration and fermentation in stainless steel at 18° C. up to 60 g/l of residual sugar.

Sparkling wine making method: Charmat method at low temperature to maximize the quality characteristics of Aglianico.

Shelf life: Consume within 18 months of production.

Organoleptic characteristics and technical comment: One of a kind, Vignali is a sparkling wine with an unmistakable personality, the ideal companion for every moment of joy and cheerfulness which presents: Brilliant ruby ​​red colour. Fine and persistent perlage. Floral and delicate bouquet with hints of raspberry and cherry. Moderately sweet, harmonious and balanced flavour. Gastronomic pairing and serving temperature: Fresh red sparkling wine which, although of very ancient traditions, meets the taste of the young and international consumer. Ideal as an aperitif, it is an excellent companion to traditional Mediterranean dry pastries as well as coloring a refined evening with friends red. It is suggested to serve at 8° – 10° C. Vignale

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