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Cantina di Venosa

Tansillo Pas dosè - Quality Classic Method Sparkling Wine - Rosé

Tansillo Pas dosè - Quality Classic Method Sparkling Wine - Rosé

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Grape variety: Aglianico del Vulture 100%

Type of cultivation : Espalier with approximately 3,500 plants.

Age of the vineyards : 10-20 years - Production per hectare: 8 - 10 tons.

Altitude of the vineyards : 500 / 550 meters.

Production area : North-eastern part of the Province of Potenza in the municipality of Venosa Città di Orazio.

Harvest period : From 10th to 15th September.

Harvest method : Selection of the grapes, harvested by hand, in 10 - 12 kg crates in the early hours of the morning and immediate transport to the cellar.

Production technique : Pressing and immediate separation of the must from the skins.

Refermentation: In the bottle at a controlled temperature, 12°C.

Aging : on the yeasts for at least 30 months.


Classic Method with a pale pink, powdery colour, on the nose it opens up to notes reminiscent of small red berries, bread crust and pastries.

On the palate it opens to a fresh but enveloping, dynamic and powerful taste, with excellent flavor with very long persistence and mineral notes that recall the volcanic territory.

Fine and persistent, almost creamy bubbles.

Serving temperature : 8 - 10 C°.

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